I have installed a video channel on YouTube, where you can watch most of Double’s original music videos from the 80s. You’ll find “Devils Ball”, “Gliding” and three different clips for “The Captain Of Her Heart”. Enjoy…

  1. Bryan

    It’s some very interesting material on the channel, thanks for taking the time to post it, there are many people who appreciate it. I particularly enjoyed seeing Devils Ball and was intrigued by the remix of Rangoon Moon. Will there be further updates on a regular basis?


  2. Phillip

    There’s a masterpiece ‘jazzy’ version of Captain of Her Heart performed by Kurt filmed in Paris. It was on YouTube.com about a year ago but tragically disappeared. Does anyone out there know where it can be found? If so, this video should definitely be re-uploaded for all to enjoy. To Kurt, hope you see you one day perform your music down south here in Melbourne.


  3. Kurt

    Hello down there,
    unfortunately the video you’re talking about belongs to Sony Music 😦 This is why you don’t find it on my channel.


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  5. doy ariola

    Hello, Kurt. I just wanted to personally thank you for your music. When I was in high school, I listed to “Woman of the World” and I’ve been tapping to the beat unconsciously ever since. πŸ™‚

    I wonder if you’ll ever perform in Asia, especially here in cebu city.


  6. ken freedman

    Dear Kurt, It is very thoughtful of you to post the videos of The Captain of Her Heart on your You Tube website. Wonderfully clear and clean and enjoyable knowing you want us to see them.


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